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Mec Sistem

MecSistem is based in Parma, Italy and was founded in 1981 with the scope of drawing, produce and sale machines and equipments for the Food Industry.

The machines and equipments producted in the workshop of Parma are used for the following productions:

  1. Tomato Industry: peeled, diced, concentrate
  2. Snacks Industry: potato chips, extruded corn chips, peanuts etc.
  3. Deep Frozen Food: frozen french fries, frozen pizza, frozen bread, frozen fruit and vegetables, frozen meat and fish
  4. Dry Industry: fruit and vegetable

All machines and equipments are made in Parma under the CE specifications.

With more of 30 years of experience in the food sector MecSistem have equipments installed all over the world, America, Africa, Asia, Europe with full satisfaction of Clients.